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LumiAgro Horticulture Lighting - from GMY Adonis 004



Adonis 004

Adonis countertop flower lighting system manufactured by LumiAgro


Key Features of Adonis 004

Adjustable height:
The height is adjustable to cater to different growth stages and promote vegetable growth by helping them absorb light energy. The arm can reach up to 51.7cm


Two growth modes:
Two timing modes of 12 and 14 hours with growth spectrum formulas for growing leafy greens or fruiting vegetables.


Timed water pump switch:
The pump runs on a 30-minute cycle, with 15 minutes of running and 15 minutes of rest alternately.


More yields:
The hydroponic machine can grow up to 12 plants simultaneously, achieving greater yields.


Built-in circulating fan:
Lowers the temperature, promotes plant transpiration, provides timely CO supplementation, and enhances root nutrient absorption efficiency




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