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LumiAgro - from GMY :: Apollo Series



The Apollo Series 

Introducing the Apollo Series Lamps designed to promote natural growth for indoor plants


Apollo Oceanus Lamp

A lamp promoting abundant growth of aquatic plants


Oceanus Lamp Features


Silent operation without disturbing others:
Low decibel operation, providing a quiet and comfortable experience.


Customized special spectrum:
A continuous spectrum of 350-780nm, containing both abundant photosynthetic light for aquatic plants and a trace of beneficial light for color enhancement. Taking into consideration the stronger transmittance of short-wavelength light in water, the spectral content of blue-violet light is increased appropriately.


Uniform and soft light distribution:
Achieving five spectral peaks, increasing energy at wavelengths conducive to aquatic plant growth. Compared to monochromatic bead arrays, our lamp beads emit more uniform and soft light without light stratification


High color rendering:
Ra≥80, better showcasing the vibrant and varied colors of aquatic plants, closer to natural colors.


Low-frequency flicker:
Stable light without flicker, providing eye and fish protection and a more comfortable viewing experience. No flicker ripples when taking photos with a mobile phone, making it more suitable for photo sharing.




Apollo Fachoi “Money Tree” Lamp

Designed specifically to enhance the growth of Fachoi trees (the”good luck” plant) 


Fachoi Lamp Features


Customized special spectrum:

LED full spectrum plant fill light to simulate sunlight.


Low frequency flashing:

Light stability, eye protection fish, no stroboscopic, more comfortable viewing.


High luminous efficiency and long life:

LED chip, high light transmittance soft light mask, high light efficiency, long life.


Simple design:

Simple appearance, can be matched with a variety of decoration styles.


Easy installation:

A variety of installation methods interface can be directly installed, also can be installed telescopic steel rod




 (Export (English language) packaging 20x20x20cm. 6/case pack)


Apollo Par Lamp

Bringing light like sunlight to even the darkest rooms




Par Lamp Features


Customized special spectrum:
LED full spectrum plant grow light to simulate sunlight


Wide spectrum applicability:
Close to the spectrum of sunlight, basically suitable for all plants in nature.


High optical performance parameters:
High color rendering, high luminous efficiency lamp beads, high light intensity

Attractive in any environment:
Simple appearance, easily matched with various decoration styles.


Easy installation:
Using the common E27 lamp holder, installation and replacement are done in one step



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